Holliman Psychotherapy Services

Individual Therapy

Anxiety & Depression
Substance Abuse
Living with an Addict
Relationship Issues
Difficulty with Intimacy
Past or Current Abuse
Family of Origin Struggles
Religion or Spirituality
Sexuality & Gender
Grief & Loss
General Issues with Life

Couples & Family Therapy

Dating & Marital Therapy
Interracial Couples
LGBT Couples
Parent/Child Issues
Sibling Conflict

Group Therapy

Equine Group

Without ruminating in the past, I listen to understand how your past affects your present struggles and work with you to live more fully in the present.

Paige Holliman, M.Ed., MTS, LPC/MHSP

Paige Holliman, M.Ed., MTS, LPC/MHSP

(615) 689-0191

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2706 Larmon Ave.
Nashville, TN 37204

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